Dr. Curtis assistant, Lead Receptionist, Office Manager Assistant

Ashley started at Centennial Hills Animal Hospital 5 years ago, after making the switch from a cosmetologist to a receptionist. She has flourished and has turned out to be a very important part of achieving the Centennial Hills Animal Hospital goal in taking care of all patients. Ashley has 4 dogs that are her furry babies. She also has one cat named Chicken. Some of her favorite things are jeeps, dogs and coffee. In her spare time she likes to take her jeep off - roading, takes her dogs on adventures and spends time with her husband of 15 years. She has shown she has interest in pursuing school to further her knowledge of the veterinary field. Her love of animals has taken her on this path and she is showing that she is a valuable asset.   

“We have been happy with every service received here, from routine rabies shots to emergency surgery.”