It is known that many animal health concerns are not always visible on a thorough physical examination. The doctors at Centennial Hills Animal Hospital take pride in having some of the best laboratory and diagnostic facilities within the veterinary industry. We have an array of laboratory tests to ensure more accurate results.

Among the common types of diagnostic testing are as follows:

  • Cytology –in house
  • Complete blood panels
  • Heartworm screening
  • Intestinal parasite screening (fecal exam)
  • Thyroid testing
  • Urinalysis

Our diagnostic imaging equipment allows our doctors to perform ultrasounds and digital radiographs (X-rays). This allows our veterinarians to manipulate these images, zoom in on specific areas of interest, and detect even the smallest of fractures in a completely non-invasive fashion.

In many cases, we email these digital X-rays to consult with specialists, and we have also found that the advanced technology of digital X-ray helps to reduce the amount of exposure to radiation that pets receive. This process allows our veterinarians the ability to take fewer images of a higher quality, giving them better opportunities to diagnose difficult cases.

Centennial Hills Animal Hospital uses Diagnostic imaging for some of the following:

  • Cancer screening
  • Detection of arthritis
  • Foreign object detection
  • Pregnancy screening

“We have been happy with every service received here, from routine rabies shots to emergency surgery.”