Emergencies can happen at any time. Here at Centennial Hills Animal Hospital, we are committed to being available for you and your pet around the clock. We see emergencies during our normal business hours and treat each emergency as top priority. We have doctors available for phone consultations weekly until 10pm. Should you need to have your pet seen, an “On call” veterinarian will make arrangements to meet you and your pet at the hospital. Should an emergency occur after 10pm, please call the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Hospital at (702) 262-7080.

Please keep in mind that it can be very difficult to find a 24-hour hospital that can see birds, rabbits, ferrets and other exotics. It is best to make sure and consult with your primary veterinarian for a plan of action should anything unfortunate occur in the future.

“We have been happy with every service received here, from routine rabies shots to emergency surgery.”